Hitched !!!

To be honest, I never imagined that I would marry someone, not even in my dreams. I’ve always been one of the boys in my group and never thought that I would fall for someone and eventually marry him. There were high chances of me falling for a girl as compared to a guy since I spent more time checking out girls, chilling with my boys and being the unconditional Wingman.

Things changed when I met Saurabh during one of my official trips in 2012. We had been working together on a contract since a couple of years but maintained a professional relationship. As time passed by, this professional relationship turned in to a fierce love affair. After dating for almost 3 years we then decided that its time to make this official and meet his parents. More details on the 3 year love affair and our numerous travel trips during those years along with the proposal story will be shared later.

Since we both lived in different cities (Saurabh in Gurgaon, me in Mumbai), I knew we needed minimum 8 months for the wedding prep. Luckily his parents accepted me with open arms when i met them in January 2016 and in no time we had our wedding date. 12 December 2016 – the big day.

The Wedding Planner

Like many other couples, we refused any monetary help from our parents and decided to spend wisely on the wedding since it was our hard-earned money. Since we both are from the corporate world and have always worked on excel sheets, it took us a couple of minutes to make our master wedding spreadsheet. We added in a few major items and the timelines to get started on the marriage checklist. This checklist was a life saver and we followed it religiously. We kept adding in several items during the next few months of planning. I’ve attached the sample below that you can modify as per your requirements and which will serve as a good starting point for the wedding planning.



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